New Kid Designs

This is a blog I started to show what I have been up to with my Graphic Design business. I design under the name "New Kid Designs". This is just a name, that first came to mind, that sounded perfect at the time I started. I grow more with each design and strive to create that piece that visually represents what your mind is looking for. "Realize your Vision". I am always open to the opportunity to work on a new project that inspires me. I am available to help you with all of your Graphic Design needs. Feel free to contact me here.....

Kids Club Facebook Seasonal Banners 2013

Here is the Christmas and New Years banners I create for the North Scottsdale Kids Club.

North Scottsdale Kids Club Business Card

The North Scottsdale Home Depot Kids Club is trying to create a great presence and be the best club around. They want all the other Kids clubs to look towards N. Scottsdale as the leading force. I worked on a new logo and then a business card for them to pass out to all the kids and their parents so they can find out all the relevant information on the club and then sign up to attend monthly workshops.

Guerritas Calientes

Here is one of two ideas I cam up with for the logo of a new small start up that is cooking up some hot salsas.

Beauty and Meaning

This is a design I made for a friend of mine. They wanted a new tattoo that was unique and meaning full to her. She loved Hibiscus flowers so that is the bases for this design. I changed some of the leaves to resemble numbers for a Bible versus that was inspiring to her. It is Philippians 4:13. I talks about overcoming and accomplishing things. And of course her favorite color is pink.

Solar Collection

This is an idea for a logo I am working on for a new business. They are constructing solar collecting units for businesses.

Four Dogs Bakery

Four Dogs Bakery had been working with a cookie cutter template design. Who knows how many other business were using the same set up. This client came to me to find a new design that was a bit more personal. What better way then to incorporate their 4 legged friends and official taste testers. They have four dogs, each with its own personality. I tried to capture that in the renderings. I also worked to include many other subtle signs that say four.

Four Dogs Bakery also wanted to stand out from the competition. So after this design for the logo came together we decided it would be that much more of a statement as a square business card. When the client received her cards it was happiness all the way around. They came out so amazing.

Once the logo and business cards were figured out we moved on to other elements that would be needed. I created an information sheet that can be used when promoting their products at new retail stores. As well as flavor labels for the packages.

Sitting Pretty

Sitting Pretty Pet Sitting is a local pet service service that has been operating for some time. She has a very generic and bland business card and was interested in making more of an impact to standing out from the competition.

I came up with a number of designs. The first image you see was the first pass at the logo. The owner liked what I was creating. She mentioned she did like hearts so she wanted to see some variations that way before making her decision on the final logo.

Just A Sprinkle

What do you do when you have a new baby on the way, you have had baby showers in the past, and you want to keep it low key but enjoy the company of family and friends? You throw a Baby Sprinkle of course.

Home Depot Kids Workshop

Home Depot has a cool workshop for kids. I guess they are sparking the interests of future Do It Yourself'ers. A lot of the parents were interested in seeing the pictures taken during the event. So the Scottsdale location was going to start a facebook page as the central spot to share these photos.

Here is what it looks like all put together.

Our Pools Have Porpoise Promotional Package

I worked with Tricia and the Phoenix Swim Club  to help save a cherished community treasure. I initially created a logo and used that in a flier that provided all the information about the cause and how you can help. I thought in order to really get the word out she would need a business card and letterhead. So here is the finished package.

Pools With Porpoise

The initial work I created for Tricia and the Phoenix Swim Club was very well received. They were interested in finding out what other visual marketing creations I could come up with to continue to help their cause.

I set them up with two more items they could use. One was a business/info card. A small easy to carry and dispense with all the necessary information concerning the cause. No direct contact to Tricia since she is not the only one handling everything. It is a labor of love and a group effort. I also create a letter head. This is a great way to keep everything official in a nice pleasing format.

Proudly Serving All our New Kid clients

New Kid Designs is grateful to have the opportunity to work with and create quality designs for some amazing clients. Thank you so much. I look forward to a long partnership.

Phoenix Zoo

This is a design I knocked out pretty quick. I was looking through my photos and realized I had taken this awesome shot of "Dutchess" the orangutan at the Phoenix Zoo. She has since passed away but I figured I would use it for a flier for the new discounted Tuesday promotion.

Our Pools have Porpoise

A friend of mine, that use to be my student in spin class, has become very passionate about saving the pool she trains at. It is a great pool and location that is the site for many programs for all ages in the community. She has joined a team to save this pool and asked if I could assist with promotional material to help them spread the word. Here is the logo I came up with.

Here is what the flier looks like. This is the initial first poster they will be using. Looking forward to creating more designs for such a great cause.

Yazamo Shirt Design

Here is one of a few ideas I was coming up with for shirt designs for a company called Yazamo. It was a play on their logo.

Blog Headers

I have been working on creating some interesting and eye catching headers for all the blogs I am writing. So for now these are the ones I have. Always changing and evolving according to my moods and inspiration.

Kieren Willam's Website

I took the logo I had created for the Kieren William's Memorial Ride and expanded that out into a website. Still has a few things to be worked out and the updated information and pictures to be linked in.